The calendar project is now complete. All calendars are available for downloading and printing. Please contact me if you find any errors.

The project consists of 16 calendars and terminates in the year 2030 after the 2000th anniversary of Christ's death, burial, resurrection and ascension.

It is truly an honor that I have been able to use the knowledge the Lord has shown me while studying the timeline first explained in my book "From Jeremiah to Jesus". It is due to His kindness that I have been able to pinpoint these important dates.

I must admit it is exciting to hope that the Lord might resurrect His believers exactly 2000 years after He rose from the dead; and I am now alerting everyone to this most exciting date; this is one anniversary we don't want to miss!

Current Calendars

"If you think you know you don't know."

Jonn Mooney

From Jeremiah to Jesus

Jesus' Ministry 

2000th Anniversary Calendar Set

Jesus' Death, Burial and Resurrection

2000th Anniversary Calendar